The Coming Darkness

Edge of Darkness Background Information Part 1
Starting Scene

You have been summoned as Acolytes to the service of the Inquisition for the first time. You sit awaiting a briefing on the mysterious circumstances surrounding a death. You are fresh recruits to the service of the Imperial Inquisition and that have been chosen to serve it as Acolytes, agents, experts and specialists. You are to become front line soldiers in the Imperium’s shadowy war against the forces of corruption within and the horrors without that wish to subvert and overthrow the rule of the Golden Throne of Terra. You have undergone initiation and testing and have been left waiting, concealed in plain sight among the teeming billions of Hive Sibellus on the world of Scintilla, capitol of the Calixis Sector, awaiting your new masters’ summons. A short brief has been provided: Brief

Brief 1

Inquisition Response Team:
Erik Drexler

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