Roth Frastus

(Goes by Roth Frastus. He believes knowledge of one's true name would give others insight into his soul.)


(Nixios) Roth Frastus
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
31 37 30 43 30 31 29 52 21
Wounds: 14
Corruption Points: 4
Insanity Points: 3
Psy Rating: 1
Fate Points: 3
Psychic Powers: Healer, Lucky, Unnatural Aim.
Skills: Invocation, Literacy, Psyniscience, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Trade (Soothsayer).
Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (SP), Psy Rating 1, Resistance (Psychic Powers).
Traits: Charmed, Ill-Omened, Shipwise, Void Accustomed.
Armour: Quilted Vest (Body 2).
Knife<psykana> (Melee; 3m; S/-/-; 1d5+3 R; Pen 0; Clip 1; Thrown)
Short Sword (Melee; 1d10+2 R; Pen 0)
Staff (Melee; 1d10+3 I; Pen 0; 2-Handed, Balanced)
Stub Revolver (Pistol; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+3 I; Pen 0; Reload 2 Full; Clip 6; Reliable)

cybernetic senses Telescopic sight

Gear: psy-focus, robe(poor quality), tarot cards, 25 thrones, 103 bullets.


Born on a rogue trader ship. He has bluish skin, copper hair, Cybernetic eyes. 1.8m 70kg. Gangly. Character is very “holier than thou” having lost his sight viewing the God Emperor’s will manifest in the warp. “I am blessed for blessed are the blind.” Age is 27 after sanctioning. In keeping with his origins aboard a Rogue Trader, he is a little bit greedy and finds the prospect of hunting rogue witches and psykers exciting. He volunteered to be sanctioned and believes those who don’t give themselves to the black ships for sanctioning are weak and unworthy of the Emperor’s gifts.

“Some have called me a ’Darkholder.” My home, the rogue trading vessel, fell prey to the madness that may accompany those who delve too deeply into the Warp. Our chief navigator was one such man. Once the madness had a hold on him, it began to spread like wildfire throughout the crew. The Black Ships came and purified what I once knew as home. I willingly submitted myself to the trials of those loyal to our Emperor and learned of his magnificence. No longer do I wander space, the whole of the Imperium is my home and my charge. The heretics must be purified."))

Roth Frastus

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